Features and Benefits

The benefits of a Public Cloud—all dedicated to you.

Features and Benefits

The only Private Cloud offering that is interoperable with Public Cloud through a single pane of glass and at competitive prices.

  • Rapid scaling: You can rapidly scale GoGrid's Private Cloud both horizontally and vertically. Horizontal scaling lets you easily add unique, segregated environments to your Private Cloud infrastructure, giving you the ability to securely host and bill more than 1 million internal and external customers. Vertical scaling lets you quickly add additional hardware infrastructure to support increasing load and use of your Private Cloud.
  • Completely managed cloud solution: No need for costly infrastructure investments or expensive human resources to manage and integrate our full-featured Private Cloud Solutions. GoGrid manages all network, single-tenant, and virtualization infrastructure, leaving only minimal "remote-hands" responsibilities for your staff.
  • Security: The single-tenant compute, storage, and virtualization infrastructure guarantees your company is the sole user of all components. Dedicated Layer 2 VLANs implemented on the hardware switching layer encapsulate and secure each environment from every other environment on your dedicated Private Cloud.
  • Ease of use: GoGrid's easy-to-use web portal and API allow secure management of each environment, so you can safely hand off control to internal or external customers. Our Private Cloud Solutions provide plug-and-play integration with your existing IT infrastructure and networks.

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GoGrid Private Cloud Services

  • Load balancing (optional)
  • Firewall/network security (optional)
  • Local, persistent storage
  • Cloud object, block, & file storage
  • Linux & Windows, with free OS licensing on virtual servers
  • Automated environment & network provisioning/management
  • Hourly billing
  • Orchestration & control systems
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • API for programmable infrastructure provisioning
  • Image repository & partner image library
  • Image rights management/token billing
  • Massively multitenantable via unique VLANs
Diagram overview of the Private Cloud product

Built to scale from small Private Clouds to massive Public Clouds using easy-to-operate, inexpensive commodity hardware. Intentionally designed without expensive proprietary hardware such as SANs, blades, fibre channel network infrastructure, and commercially licensed software.