GoGrid's Private Cloud

A private, single-tenant environment delivering the benefits and pricing of Public Cloud, including interoperability through a single pane of glass—all dedicated only to you.

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Meet compliance and regulatory requirements with a single-tenant environment.

Accelerate Time To Market

Reduce the time it takes to provision infrastructure from weeks or months to just a few minutes.

All the Benefits of Public Cloud—on Private, Dedicated Infrastructure

Enjoy the power and convenience of real Public Cloud technology. GoGrid's Private Cloud is interoperable with Public Cloud through a single pane of glass and at competitive prices.

  • Elastic. Scale environments horizontally—without limits.
  • Programmatic. Automate environment delivery.
  • Multitenantable. 1 to more than 1,000,000 secure, independently billable environments.
  • Scalable. Your Private Cloud is architected to scale like Public Clouds.
  • Global. Seamlessly interoperate with other Public and Private Clouds.
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"The GoGrid Hosted Private Cloud solution has excellent security, reliability and is easy to deploy. We are happy to use their infrastructure, with their top level of technical support and industry-leading SLAs, as an embedded component of our customized service management solution we are offering to our multinational customers."

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"... Enterprises require tighter security controls, rigorous auditability, and predictable management of cloud computing services and hosted private clouds provide the means to do so."

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"Hosted clouds offer the best of both worlds—a multitenant cloud infrastructure atop rented resources but walled off and dedicated to a single client."